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G.arlic + Rosemary

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The only way it should be done



EVERY batch is made to order

Every batch is fresh and made just the way you like it.  We take pride in our craft and label each batch.  Therefore, every order roughly takes 3-5 days to prep, marinade, dry, and package (plus shipping time).  We realize in this day and age, we are so use to getting things instantaneously.  However, quality and craft take time.  Trust us, it's worth the wait! 



Our PRocess

We use quality meats from local ranches.  Hand-cut and trim excess fat from each piece.  Marinade 12-24 hours with our tested and true flavors.  We use natural ingredients when possible.  Dry each batch for 6-10 hrs. 




How to order



We offer a range of different types of meats and cuts.  We have carefully selected the best cuts that you can choose from, the leanest to the most tasteful. 





We have tested, and tested, and then tested some more on what we feel are the best flavors that you will make you come back for some more.  Our flavors are untraditional and bold.  We are not afraid to explore different flavors, but we also make sure our staples are a go-to. 




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We hand-cut all our meats.  With every piece we cut, we trim off all excess fat and carefully slice it to get that right balance of texture and flavor.  We currently offer 2 different chew styles - With The Grain (WTG), for those who like a tougher chew and Against The Grain (ATG), the more popular choice, for those who prefer a more tender chew.

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A flavor that is full of heat that will make you keep grabbing for more. 

Pairing: Lager

Key Ingredients | Balsamic Vinegar, Paprika, Chilli Peppers, Chipotle Peppers, and Cloves


$8 | 2.25 oz.

$12 | 4 oz.

$30 | MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION (4 | 2.25oz bags)



An original with a complimenting herb.

Pairing: IPA, Single Malt

Key Ingredients | Worchestershire, Cracked Black Pepper, and Thyme


$8 | 2.25 oz.

$12 | 4 oz.

$30 | MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION (4 | 2.25oz bags)



A bold-bursting flavor that will satisfy any meal. 

Pairing: Lager

Key Ingredients | Olive Oil, Himalayan Salt, Black Peppercorn, Garlic, and Rosemary


$8 | 2.25 oz

$12 | 4 oz.

$30 | MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION (4 | 2.25oz bags)



A little bit of  sweet with a little bit of heat in a traditional style bbq. 

Pairing: Lager

Key Ingredients | Sriracha, Tomatoes, Brown Sugar


$8 | 2.25 oz

$12 | 4 oz.

$30 | MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION (4 | 2.25oz bags)






about us

We are the dreamers, the explorers, and the creationists.  We started Salt & Dry Co. to simply share what we love by taking something old and adding a bit of new to it.  Our dream is to create something unconventional and make it a classic.  Creating and crafting is what we enjoy doing, but it's also done with attention to detail and with meaning.  We enjoy quality over quantity, natural flavors over artificial flavors, custom over stock, individualism over mainstream, and now over tomorrow.

This is what we love, and we hope you love it too. 

We are Salt & Dry Co.






If you would like to connect with us for any reason, please contact us below.  We will respond as quickly as possible.  Thank you!